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Pinstriping Tape Windowframes

By Stephen Sharp

Note from Editor: Contributor Stephen Sharp has come up with his own method for making gold-framed cellophane window replacement, using gold pin-striping tape that was originally designed for automobile and model car decorating.

The following is an inexpensive way to product red cello windows. It works best with rectangular type windows. For the following example the tape is 1/32” wide.

It can be up or down sized. The following example is for a

Supplies Needed:

  • Red Acetate
  • Gold pin striping tape
  • X-acto Knife
  • Masking tape
  • Template or grid



Step One: 

Create a template that you will use to keep your tape line straight.  If you have a sample window, use that to establish your sizes, etc.  If you do not, most of the common window outline sizes and shapes are contained on the “Cello Black” PDF file.


Step Two: 

Make certain your hands are very clean from oils that may keep the tape from sticking, then tape the acetate you will be using for “cellophane” over the template.


Step Three: 

Following the template line, laydown your horizontal mullion lines.


Step Four: 

Following the template line. Lay down your vertical mullion line(s).


Step Five: 

Place a piece of paper over the acetate and gold tape. Use the handle end of the X-acto to burnish the tape down to the acetate.

Then trim any ends of the gold tape that overhang the edge of the acetate.


For comparison.

The left is a genuine Papa Ted No. 11. On the right is a homemade window








window opening of ” x ”.


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