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Update for 2015: In the two years since our forums went online, many thousands of would-be spammers have attempted to sign up for our forums with the hope of posting illegal and distasteful advertising on this site.  As a result, we’ve had to close down the forum signup script and redirect everybody to this page, where we have more control. 

We’ve also started asking for information that most signup sheets don’t ask for, including city, state, and zip and some explanation (comment) of why you want to participate on the forum.  Nobody but us will see any of that but it’s our way of keeping would-be spammers from getting into the system.  (That’s how we keep our site family-friendly and useful.) 

Finally, if you fail to provide required information or if you provide false information, we have no choice but to delete your request with no feedback to you.  We get hundreds of legitimate membership requests a month to our various newsletters and forums, and can not afford to spend time tracking down people who are too busy to fill out a brief form.

We are sorry for any inconvenience, but otherwise we spend all of our time sorting through spam attempts instead of improving our sites and providing more articles. 

Paul Race and the other contributors of Cardboard Christmas.

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