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Here are a few of Howard Lamey's creations - check out his gallery page for more examples.Purchasing New Cardboard Christmas Houses

Several folks have recently been making new putz houses to sell.  A few advertise on Ebay - ironically most of those folks made use of patterns and instructions that Howard Lamey and I provide free on the LittleGlitterHouses Howards’ How-To pages.  So don’t pay big bucks for a building you could make yourself in a few hours, spread over, say, three days’ time to let the glue dry between sessions.

That said, the best and most consistent modern-day creators of putz houses that I know are listed below.  Knowing what goes into making these things, I have to tell you that these folks are doing it for the love of the hobby and making very little money per hour.  They have also worked very hard to keep the putz house collecting, displaying, rehabilitation, and reproduction hobbies alive,  CardboardChristmas.com gets no financial renumeration for posting these links - it’s just our way of:

  • Sending potential customers to people we trust to deliver excellent value, and
  • Rewarding folks who have donated countless hours to helping keep the hobby alive.

One of Howard's creations, as seen on his Gallery page.So check out the work of:

  • Howard Lamey, proprietor of LittleGlitterHouses.com, likes to build custom houses for people.  To see the quality and imagination that goes into his work, check out his “gallery.”  If you’re interested in commissioning a piece or a whole village from Howard, click here.

We have had other builders on this page, but a few have had to take day jobs or otherwise leave off building putz houses to sell for now.  Now that this site is getting better known, we expect that we’ll be in touch with other quality builders.

Our criteria is that the builder must consistently provide his or her customers with heirloom-quality structures that you would have trouble telling from the originals except that they are clean and new.  

Note:  We will gladly add any putz house builder(s) or restorer(s) to this page who:

  • Contribute to the growth of the hobby, either through our forums or elsewhere.
  • Use original designs or reproduce vintage structures (please don’t copy other people’s designs and sell the products as your own work).
  • Have demonstrated the goal of consistently producing heirloom-quality products.

If you feel you meet these qualifications and would like to see a link to your cardboard Christmas houses or related products here, contact us with your web information and we’ll consider you for inclusion on this page.

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