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The CardboardChristmas.com discussion forum is the internet’s preferred hangout for experienced collectors, crafters, and restorers of cardboard Christmas houses.  However, since this forum came online, we have had thousands of fakers try to get into the system for the wrong reasons.  Every web site has this problem, but for us it was especially important to keep such folks out of this site, since we have such a wonderful community of crafters and collectors.

In addition we get a lot of unrelated questions through this form, so we have posted a brief "Frequently Asked Questions" list to address the most common questions we get every holiday season.

Frequently Asked Questions

To Apply For Membership in Our Discussion Forum

Please use the following form to apply for membership in our discussion forum.  Please answer all required fields.  None of your information will ever be made public, but our only defense against a wide range of abuses is for the site owners to know exactly who is posting. 

Membership is not automatic.  A real person will actually review your form and determine if you are interested in becoming a productive member of the community (don’t laugh, we get hundreds of applications a week from people who just want to get into our system and start trolling or selling unrelated merchandise). 

We have also been forced recently to start charging a nominal membership fee, since that keeps scammers, spammers, and trolls out better than anything else we have tried.  And, frankly, keeping the creeps out takes so much of our personal time that we don’t even get to read most of the new posts ourselves, much less share new projects. 

If you are not already on our free Christmas TimesTM newsletter mailing list, you will be added to that as well. 

Both the forums and the newsletter are opt-in only. We have it set up so that you can not get on either list without asking to join.

You do not need to be a member of the forum if you only want to receive the free newsletter. However, we require forum members to receive the newsletter as well, because sometimes we post updates about the forum there.

The following form enables you to apply for membership in the discussion forums at a cost to you of $1 a month. Please review the forums and decide if you want to belong to them.  You also need to decide if it's worth a dollar a month to belong.

I will point out that joining officially allows you to join the discussion, to post your own projects and questions.  It also makes it easier to spot new postings when you come back to the page (the little icons change).

Consider $1 a month the price you pay for having a safe, moderated place to discuss topics important to you with other likeminded people, knowing that rude behavior will not be tolerated. How many places like that can you find on the Internet, really?

By the way, since I set up this form, several people have tried to enroll using other people's PayPal accounts.  I don't want to risk taking money from strangers or letting someone into the forums who is lying to me about who they are.  If you have arranged with a friend or relative to pay your fee for you, please tell me that in the comments and give me the e-mail account of the other person so I can check with them.

Please use a Paypal account that is under the same name you use to apply for membership.  If you can’t and you ask a friend or relative to let you use their account, please use the contact page to warn me ahead of time, or your application may simply get discarded.  You also need to give me the e-mail address of the person whose account you’re using so I can contact them for their permission 

Again, I do apologize for what may seem like a lot of inconvenience at the "front end" of this process, but I've discovered that it's a lot better for the community to have a rigorous entry protocol than to let scammers or just plain rude people in and try to clean up the mess they cause after the fact.

Once you have filled out the Paypal form, I will get an e-mail to that effect.  I will then contact you through your e-mail to establish your user name and password. 

If you don’t hear back from us within a few days, please Direct Message us through the CardboardChristmas Facebook page, giving me your e-mail address and preferred user name, and I’ll make sure everything is happening as it should. 

In the meantime, please have a great day, and we hope to see you in the discussion groups soon.

- Paul


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