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When i first got into this thing, I had no idea how truly huge it was. I've begun each year wondering whether I'd find enough houses to go on, but it's into ten years, now, and they just keep turning up. There seems to be no end to the variety of these things! There can be no doubt they were immensely popular in their day, and a larger part of the American Christmas than anybody knew.

On these pages will appear the most stunning, the largest, the most unusual and rare examples. Submissions of photos from your collection are heartily invited, - your chance to share - and to extend the body of knowledge for everyone!

I'll be starting with a few from my own collection, and after that I invite you to send me .jpgs of your finest along with whatever story is behind them. We'll include your name or leave it out , as you desire.

Note that in -2003- "House of the Month" was reformatted into the separate years. The original continuous format was simply growing so large that it took too long to load for those of us still using simple dial-up internet connections .. and we are still LEGION.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: The houses shown on these pages are NOT FOR SALE. This not a catalogue, but an online MUSEUM and history for the delight and edification of the empassioned. We only sell a selection of reproduction doors and windows for replacing originals so often torn or lost. (See our "Reproduction Parts" section.)

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Note: This archive was set up at Ted's request in early 2012, and, except for critical updates and
announcements, will remain exactly as Ted left it in October, 2012.

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