Why does give me a dumb page of ads
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Author:  paulrace [ Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Why does give me a dumb page of ads

Because this thread is still getting many visits, I am inserting an announcement we posted on Ted's site on October 30, 2012:

Announcement, October 30, 2012

After years of acting, performing music, and collecting and writing about his favorite Christmas traditions, "Papa" Ted Althof has succumbed to illness, on October 29, 2012. A Celebration of his life and work is planned, although we have no details yet.

When he realized his was ill, Ted worked with to establish this archive of his "Putz house" site, which will, hopefully, continue to inform, encourage, and bless other lovers of Christmas tradition for years to come. In the coming weeks, we will be making necessary adjustments (such as changing the contact information), but our primary goal is to keep the information on this site as useful and available as Ted always intended it to be.

In the meantime we appreciate Ted's diligence, his generousity, and his love of Christmas traditions. We also pray for those close to him who showed so much support in his last months.

If you need to contact us before we get everything switched over, please use the Cardboard Christmas contact page.

To paraphrase Dickens, Ted was a man who:

honored Christmas in his heart, and tried to keep it all the year.

I don't think there is a more fitting tribute than to follow his example.

Paul Race, Howard Lamey, Maria Cudequest, Nan Corby, Jack Ahearn, and the rest of the family.

------------Back to the original post--------------------

The person who used to renew Ted's domain name for him neglected to do that several months ago, and the URL expired. The fellow had promised Ted that HE would keep Ted's original site active at Ted's original URL indefinitely, which is one of the reasons Ted didn't transfer ownership of the domain name at the same time he authorized us building an archive of his site.

A year later, the site name has expired, and the domain name registrar has registered it for their own use because it still gets a lot of hits. Since they aren't interested in providing content, they have an automated system that plugs random ads on the page. As long as they make a few dollars a month from people who click the old URL and decide to click on one of the ad listings, they'll keep the name registered indefinitely.

I could probably pay about 2,000 and buy it outright. Based on the income stream I get from already, the payback would happen in, er, never. :-)

Sorry for any inconvenience. Once again I'm glad we DID get the pages when we had a chance.

Enjoy your hobbies, enjoy your holidays, and have a great rest of the year, all,


Author:  paulrace [ Sun Oct 05, 2014 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why does give me a dumb page of ads

Since I posted my reply above, the domain name "" has changed hands TWICE. It has been sold to a company whose business is buying up expired domain name and trying to charge ridiculous prices for them. In the meantime, if you go to the URL and click on any of the link there, they will make a few cents. And quite a few folks still do that every day, giving them a reason not to let the domain name lapse and maybe be bought up by someone who would respect it.

Google will refuse to link to an page like this one that is all ads, but as long as folks are going there directly because someone told them about Papa Teds's place, the domain name owners don't care. Sooner or later people will stop clicking on it and the new owners will give up on it and let it lapse. But in the meantime, I'm sure glad Ted trusted us to back up his content.

P.S. There are still a bunch of sites out there that link to Most of them are blogs. But if you participate in any blogs or etsy sites or whatever that link to the old site, and you think they would take it nicely if you reminded them to change to the new URL, please do so.

New URL is:

Thanks all,


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